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Adelaide Limo Services knows how much passion you have for your favorite teams and love to see them win like champions. Well now it’s time to do it in style with our luxury limousine service. We deliver you right to the stadium’s door like a rock star VIP fan, ready to charge into the arena.

Just like you are passionate about your team, we are passionate about getting you there safely and swiftly in the most prestigious limousine service in Adelaide .

Adelaide Limo Services make your passion, our priority! You don’t need to waste time stuck in traffic jams trying to find parking. You need to focus all your passion and revelry to cheer your team to victory. Our professional chauffeurs understand you need to crank the music to eleven to get the celebration started. Get ready! All eyes will be looking at you! As you step out like the celebrity fans your team deserves, to cheer them on to dominate.

  • Corporate Boxes: Our experience chauffeur’s number one priority is to deliver you and your business colleagues safely and swiftly to the stadium in luxury and comfort. We specialise in corporate functions and can pick up with single or multiple specialised vehicles to ensure your arrival time is synchronised. Adelaide Limo Service gives you the total VIP treatment. We strive to make sure your day runs flawlessly.
  • Groups, Multiple Locations: If you want to arrive with all your friends at the arena, we can pick you and your friends up from multiple locations. This allows you all to arrive together like your own team of raving fans. When you travel together in our luxury limousine it builds camaraderie and team spirit. When you arrive you are ready to rattle down the arena with your earth shattering support. Rival supporters want know what hit them, when you step out at the stadium supercharged like warriors. When want you to arrive as a passionate team and leave like a team invigorated by the victory of the night.
  • Avoid parking: There is no need to do laps of the sports arena battling it out for a car space. You need to save your battle for the arena, when rival supporters start to challenge your team. We want you to start a war in the stadium, not in the car park. Save your energy to cheer your team to victory. Don’t fork out excessive money and waste time to park your car. When you could be chauffeur to and from the venue in our ultimate luxury limousine.

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